<b> Assiniboine </b> Assiniboine
July 25-27
Peter Valchev, Ryan McBride, Theo de Raadt

Sunshine parking lot, hiked up the ski hill, then through Citadel Pass through to Ogg lake. 2nd day to Magog Lake & Mount Nub, 3rd day a long hike-out through Assiniboine Pass to Mount Shark trailhead on Spray Lakes road.

Sunshine Parking lot.

Hiking up the ski hill... the bus is for wimps!

Ryan, overlooking the Sunshine ski hill which we came up

Stopping for a break

Looking down the valley from Citadel Pass

Ogg Lake, where we camped the first night, with beautiful view

Campsite, with the lake on the left

Starting off the 2nd day

Filtering water

Camped just in the trees

View is forming up on the way up Mount Nub

Magog and Sunridge lakes

Happy, at the Nub summit

Assiniboine in the distance - I will climb it one day

The ridge, with all the cool stuff in the background

From the summit again, majestic Assiniboine

Back the way I came

End of Spray Lakes, on the way out