Aster Lake (Kananaskis), 2004


  Going around Hidden lake is quite a pain, as there is no benefit of a trail  

  A sample obstacle  

  At least it's not raining anymore Working hard to make it through the trees There is a little guy on the rock if you look close  

  Ryan slaving up the hill Fossil falls Yay... more scree  

  Note the trees smashed from avalanches in the valley  

  Making progress up the scree... the view is amazing  



  funky fossils  


  this is pretty steep, the picture does no justice  

  and suddenly, a different setting!  

  very close to the campground  



  Aster Lake with Warrior mountain in the clouds  

  setup camp  


  Joffre is in behind there in the clouds Warrior  

  Joffre summit about to pop from the clouds  

  Northover in the clouds the steep face of Warrior  

  attempt at a glacier photo  



  Northover back at campground.  outhouse with best view ever making food  

  Descended from the clouds  

  heading back