Bonanza (5.8, 260m), Ghost 2006
September 23, 2006

Nayden and I did this classic. I really hated the first pitch but it seems that it's not just me. Thankfully a bunch of bolts were added in 2003. Here is the SP beta I added on the route.

  Unsettling clouds in the morning Someone in need of a little tug Great story behind who this turned out to be :)  

  crossing the river the crux on the approach  

  Nayden crossing  


  The waterfall that we rappelled down on the way back  

  A pitch-by-pitch overview of the climb Me leading up the chimney.  This is at the easy part, where I was in the mood for pictures.  

  More posing Past the difficult part Past the difficult part  

  Nayden coming up - it's his turn to hate life for a few minutes almost done! the beautiful crack on pitches 4 & 5  

  lovely views of the ghost lovely views of the ghost  


  At the end of pitch 5 The pitch 6 traverse Nayden after topping out  

  We were really regretting being in our rock shoes at this point.  

  The descent gully - almost there!  

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