Bulgaria 2007
April 30 - May 9, 2007

Various photos from a quick visit.. some random photos of photos from old times (my childhood). The cave is Snezhanka near Peshtera. The monument and destruction pictures are from Shipka and Buzludja (what used to be a communist building/monument)...

  Calgary airport on departure with mom sitting in London Luton airport our colourful plane :)  

  in Peshtera  


  Borislav Borislav and grandparents  

  me, mom & sheila me at the Black Sea  



  sweeping the roof of our villa  





  family in Dimitrovgrad me and cousin with grandma  

  my old school in Plovdiv (grade 2-7)  









  LandCruiser spotted!  

  mama and baby horses's butts on the streets of Batak :)  



  inside Snezhanka  




  my old apartment building  

























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