California, August 4-8 2005

First part: Montana, Idaho, Nevada, California

Next, Tuolumne Meadows rock climbing: Zee tree (5.7) on Pywiack Dome on saturday and South Crack (5.8) on the Stately Pleasure Dome on sunday as well as a dip in Tenaya lake.

And a day cruising Santa Cruz and the coastline, checking out San Francisco in the evening, etc.

  On the way to Lethbridge, funky fog in a small valley  



  Border crossing  

  Montana! Montana!  








  something scary what the hell?  

  one of the scariest things of the day. the last trailer was swinging 1 meter left/right Idaho Falls  





  A few meters after the Nevada border. :) Nevada snow patches!  

  sunset in Nevada sunrise  

  Reno, NV  

  Reno, NV  

  Lake Tahoe, CA  






  big california highways traffic jams begin near Sacramento  

  Oakland->SF bridge Oakland->SF bridge  








  El Capitan  


  Our climb  









  Cathedral Peak  








  playing around  


  beautiful sunset  




  Mono Lake, CA  

  sunrise Cathedral Peak again, seen from everywhere  

  the granite starts right off the highway's edge.. Tuolumne meadows!  














  Half Dome in the distance  





  leaving Yosemite Santa Cruz  

  where are the waves, dudes??