Eiffel Peak (3084m)
September 25, 2005
Moderate scramble, 1230m elevation gain

Was in Banff for Melissa's road race on saturday, and decided to go do a scramble on sunday. The larches were pretty cool, and there were thousands of people hiking into the valley that day. Eiffel was pretty straighforward - just go up the valley, and it's on your left, with Pinnacle and Temple on your right. I went a little too far and gained the ridge via snow slopes. There is a small trail leading left (off of the main trail) before the upper valley is reached - if you cross the stream there, it continues and follows the ridge all the way, much easier. With snow, the last slopes are a little exciting (slabs underneath), an ice ax is good. There are cairns and trails so there is basically no route-finding needed, which shows this is a popular objective.

The views were absolutely spectacular. Eiffel Tower, a 70m high pillar on the other side of the summit, looks really cool... apparently it's been climbed in 1951 and 1952 and "largely ignored since then" - there seems to be very little beta for it.

  Eiffel (left) and Pinnacle (right)  


  Eiffel Peak Temple  

  Mt Fay in the distance  

  Mt Fay  

  Mt Fay Mt Fay Impressive summit cairn  


  Temple's normal route  

  Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower  

  Summit view with Aberdeen/Haddo in the middle  





  Mt Fay Mt Fay