Mt Grotto, Canmore

June 2, 2004. Third attempt, solo success at summit.
Cougar creek approach, bushwacking to ridgeline... tiny cornices, easily avoidable by picking careful line.

  Summit on the far right (2730 meters high, 1500 meter delta from parking lot) Heading up a creek bed to avoid the thick forest  

  Mountain sheep Bighorn sheep He doesn't show any sign of desire to move, so I go around  

  After hours of bushwacking, finally above the trees Gaining the ridge, looking back at the views Three Sisters  

  On top of the ridge  

  The way I came - nice ridge  

  Canmore, where I started from  

  Drew a glee bunny in the snow! Looking back the way I came, realizing it's a long ways back now Summit cairn  

  View from the summit towards the other side  

  The valley behind, trying to make an artistic shot :) I think that's Barrier Lake in the distance, zoom helps  

  Going down Last picture of the summit on the way down  

  Close to a vertical steep slope  

  More sheep!  

  Sheep posing, with Canmore in the background