Helena Ridge scramble, winter 2005
December 27th, 2005
1500m elevation delta

A 10 hour day (8:30am - 18:30pm), a bit more involved than originally thought. Due to the recent warm spell we thought it's not worth it to take skis - big mistake, the approach is long and there was a lot of recent snow. Snow blizzard near the summit and low visibility... good day nevertheless! The 'col' is very windblown (does not appear to hold snow any time of the year) and icy, making crampons useful even in winter.

The Rockbound Lake trail seems to be a very good ski trip (all skiable except last headwall), length is 8.4km one way.

  our route - from very bottom middle to very top middle Dragon's back (left) and Eisenhower Tower (right) Eisenhower Tower  

  perfect skiing and we did not bring ours... argh Dow checking out the Eisenhower At Tower Lake  

  our objective still a long way  

  Eisenhower Tower (left) and main Castle Mtn summit (right)  

  trees growing on a rock! Gaining the headwall to Rockbound lake, we got some views  

  Almost at the top of the headwall Rockbound lake behind the trees with our objective in view  

  we're still a long way away. Rockbound lake (left) and Helena Ridge summit Eisenhower Tower (II 5.4 route follows left skyline)  

  Eisenhower Tower (left) and main Castle Mtn summit (right)  

  me snowshoeing, photo by Dow Williams Minutes away from the summit, very windy and cold...  

  me on the summit ridge, photo by Dow Williams yay! summit shot  

  summit view, photo by Dow Williams  

  me traversing above snow slopes, photo by Dow Williams nice sunset nice sunset  

  one last look at Eisenhower Tower  

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