ACC Ice Review 2006
January 7-8, 2006

ACC Ice Review trip, Ghost Valley, 2006.

Day I: Went for Weather Heights, however another party was on the route. We saved the day by continuing to walk up the valley, doing the "Peanut Gallery" instead which was a ton of fun. Nice ending of the day with a campfire, very tasty warm chili and a keg of beer.

Day II: "Valley of the Sun", a really scenic climb with a number of short steps of climbing and walking in-between.

  Scott's identical to mine (but stock) LandCruiser what a beauty Wicked Wanda?  

  Scott's truck again :)  

  Wicked Wanda setting off  



  weathering heights  

  climbers on weathering heights Anorexia (?) weathering heights  

  further up the canyon, Peanut Gallery  

  one of the peanut gallery pitches  



  the peanut gallery rapping in the dark  

  this feels like caving the rope, tripled in weight  

  Day 2, packed and ready to go (5 of us and gear) GBU (the good, the bad, and the ugly)  

  GBU looking back looking north into the ghost valley  

  parking lot for start of  

  first step  

  another step  

  another step  

  walking in-between another step  

  this pitch is at the end, on the right side of the canyon  

  devil's head mountain devil's head  

  devil's head mountain looking down, from the top of the  

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