<b> Vancouver Island, British Columbia </b> Vancouver Island, British Columbia
August 24 - September 1


Driving out, smoke was pretty bad from the forest fires


Entering Vancouver

went straight to the beach

on the ferry to the island

nice cruiser at the trailhead

hiking the trail

ryan starting off

the first of the few suspension bridges there were on the way

tree became part of the trail


first beach access

this is Washington on the other side

big tree

more trees cut up into stairs

camping on the beach (tide came pretty close, but missed us)

Rock on a pillar beach

foggy and rainy, the usual there


the trail - lots of berries everywhere

weird seaweed, i thought they were snakes at first

more mud

very big tree

sea lions

camping in the rainforest

mm, tasty. no wonder the bears eat them so much

cool morning light through the fog

you feel so small inside the trees


some info signs close to the finish


Starting a 3-day hike in Strathcona National Park, totally different from the west coast

On the way up a mountain, we get to see snow again

Lots of little lakes everywhere

whohoo, snow

a view of our destination in the distance

butterfly stuck in the snow. i helped it out after the picture

nice view from the summit

going back down the way we came

Mt Washington ski hill (and parking lot) in the distance

Driving down the highway along the coast

going back to the mainland, on the ferry from Nanaimo

we're pretty far away, a long ferry ride

Vancouver in the distance