Juan de Fuca, May 7-8 2005

Peter, Theo, Nadine, Renata
Nice weather, hard hiking, and beautiful camping on a beach - it doesn't get any better than that.
First day: Sombrio to Bear beach
Second day: Bear to China beach (parking lot)
Download Map here
Check out my trip there from 2003.

  waiting for the ferry, chilling on the rocks on the way to victoria!  



  friendly dog and Renata  










  down we go again  

  negotiating a creek crossing  

  Chin beach  




  black bear footprint  



  mud, yum!  

  really slippery - the rope helped a ton  


  Bear beach - finally arrived! rock on a pillar  

  the sun came out to greet us spot the action hero tide going away  





  mystic very mystic  



  strange shells all over the place lots of life in here  




  China beach parking lot! Coastal burger place in Port Renfrew  

  the bay where the West Coast Trail starts  

  West Coast Trail beginning section is on the other side where the WCT trail starts