Louise Falls 2006
110m II, WI 4/4+
March 6, 2006

Quite warm lately, probably +5 that day, surprisingly no surface water. This should be doable in two pitches, however being such a popular classic with easy access, you likely won't be having it to yourself, even on a weekday. We did it in 3 pitches, a lot of people do it in 4 (separating the last crux pitch in two pieces).

There is a cave to the left of the crux pillar that most people use to belay. From there an intimidating traverse to the right takes you onto the pillar. Once on top of this, some people belay from here. Otherwise keep going up steep ice to a tree belay.

Once on top, the fun isn't over - walk climber's right for a few hundred meters (trail here unless you're the first after a snow storm), then do a combination of walking and bum sliding to the base - who-hoo!

  Dow chilling Mari chilling  

  View over Lake Louise Mt Fairview me stepping out onto the crux pillar  

  putting in a screw me stepping out onto the crux pillar me stepping out onto the crux pillar  

  the walk-off / bum slide is on climber's right another group on the last (crux) pitch  

  full view of Louise Falls  


  having way too much fun  

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