New Year 2007 and GBU (Ghost)
December 31, 2006 & January 1, 2007

Drove into the Ghost to celebrate the new year with Nayden, Theo and Nadine. The next day we lazily got out of bed, and it was really windy in the valley. We ended up just climbing the left side of the GBU (WI 4) and then going home.

  Driving in through typical road conditions Nothing like getting licked by some horses! Black Rock Mtn  

  Devil's Head Nadine: where's the fire?!  

  Our campsite mandatory fire shot Chilling around the fire  

  We are in a place called the Ghost after all! another fire shot  

  Group shot by Theo  

  fascinating headlamp effect  


  The GBU (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly) GBU GBU  

  gearing up leading up the left hand side me looking ahead  

  hello! Me leading towards the top almost there  

  Nayden climbing Nayden showing good form gear off at the base of the route  


  The approach for the Valley of the Birds  

  other climbers on a climb next to the GBU  

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