Powderface-Prairie Creek link-up 2006
mountain biking, April 8, 2006

This trail was in condition amazingly early because of our atypically warm weather. I expected to ride something else, but to my amazement there was no snow, and there were tracks from others who had made the trip! The first time I take a camera along, even though I've done this dozens of times... a favourite. 1h 45min

  starting to get muddy  

  swamp this is just after the junction, going to the Prairie creek link the tracks look funny because i nearly wiped out  

  fun riding the end of the fun downhill section this was about tire-deep in the middle, but pulling up on the bike got you through  

  dirty legs  

  the muddy part is yet to come! more swamp  

  the last steep climb (even though it does not look steep here)  

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