Sechelt/Powell River, B.C.

Peter Valchev, Ryan McBride, Theo de Raadt

April 29th - May 5th

These are pictures from a trip to the Sunshine Coast in BC, and a backpacking trip to Emma Lake.
There are also pictures from the long drive I took back, going through Kelowna and southern BC
along highway #3, where I also stayed in Cranbrook for a day at my friend Matt's and got
a chance to familiarize myself with the area, go mtn biking in Fernie, etc.

  From the ferry, Horseshoe Bay terminal  


  Arrived at Ryan's cabin Ryan's cabin in Sechelt  

  Hummingbird feeder Those birds are cool!  

  On the ferry to Powell River leaving the ferry terminal  

  We'll be hiking somewhere close to the mountains in the distance  

  Lifeboat Cool cabins.  Access only by boat, we think.  

  Logging scars  



  The road to the trailhead Starting to hike from here  

  Gaining elevation quickly  


  First water crossing, afraid to get wet! Mushrooms on a tree  

  First patch of snow.  A lot more coming!  

  Kicking steps.  This is very tiring for the first person and we kept switching  

  The snow kept getting softer and deeper as we progressed  

  The waterfall breaking through the snow  

  This is a lake, Ryan insists.  We'll have to come later in the season sometime... Gaining the pass above the lake  

  Almost at the top of the pass  

  The other side  

  This is Emma lake, our objective.  We are on top of over 3 meters of snow  

  A storm is brewing  

  Ryan was not joking us, there is actually a cabin up here! You can see how deep under the snow the cabin is.  


  We are pretty amused, looks like we can enter! We are amazed at the nice shape of the cabin and the generosity of the people who left all this here. Wow, this far from civilization, this is practically a hotel.  

  Essential survival tools Nice view from the front porch :) There is a reason the door opens to the inside!  

  Back window Elevator to the 2nd floor of the hotel  

  There are even foam mattresses. 6 people can comfortably sleep upstairs The storm is moving in Emma Lake  

  It's cleared up in the morning after it rained all night.  We are worried the snow will be slush  

  Going down  



  We have time before the next ferry, so we go to  




  There was a cabin visible in the trees but I was too slow to take out the camera  

  Beach in Sechelt, where I went swimming.  

  Driving towards the Okanagan  

  Okanagan Lake Kelowna  

  This is the floating bridge across the lake  

  A lot of small communities and farms  

  Above Castlegar  



  On the way up Kootenay Pass  


  I biked in 20 degree weather in Cranbrook/Fernie, and 30 minutes later I get this.