Yamnuska Snow and Ice long weekend, June 11-13 2005

People: Grant (guide), Peter, Theo, Nadine

Did the ACC version of the Yamnuska course, got to learn a lot and generally an unforgettable fun time! The summit day included everything from blue sun-filled skies to blowing snow and low visibility, and the fresh snow from the previous week on the glacier made it quite exciting!

Day 1: Snow training
Day 2: Ice training
Day 3: Mount A2 ascent

Day One:

  day 1: heading to Parker's Ridge for snow training gearing up  

  digging T-slots  

  our turn to dig T-slots  

  my work of art boot skiing  

  chilling the rock wall in the distance looks intriguing  

  Grant, our guide for the weekend getting ready to jump someone off the edge to practice crevasse rescue Athabasca glacier  

Day Two:


  Mt Athabasca day 2: going up to the North Glacier to learn ice skills wet morning...  



  obstacle course  

  glacier travel rigging view from our simulated crevasse  

  the rescuers are coming! anchor with 2 ice screws, victim rope tied with prussic (left) and rescue rope (right)  

  relax, we'll get you out!  

  going up the North glacier view of the highway and icefields centre  


  going down Mt Athabasca  

  Mt Wilcox in the clouds  


Day Three:

  day 3: Mt A2 ascent sun wants to break through the clouds  

  getting ready to hop onto the glacier  





  Hilda peak  

  crossing crevasses, A2 on the left Athabasca  


  A2 on the left, Athabasca on the right Hilda peak  


  stopping for a snack, A2 on the left  



  A2 (left) and Athabasca (right) A2  


  making progress going around more crevasses  

  Boundary peak  


  at the edge of the glacier  

  the other side the highway visible under the clouds  

  starting the rock  

  Grant leading the pitch  

  fun terrain, the red spot is Grant's arm  


  at the summit  

  group summit shot the summit keeper Grant  



  going down  

  looking back at the way we came  


  off the glacier  



  I had to go check it out  

  rear axle front axle with hydraulic steering