South Lake Tahoe 2006
August 12-13, 2006

On friday night, me, Rich, Sophia, Parisa, and Chris drove out to Lover's Leap in my truck. We crashed in a dirtbag spot we had found a month earlier. The next morning we rose early and climbed Corrugation Corner (5.7), luckily the first on the route. Rich led Sophia and Chris, and I led immediately behind with Parisa. Afterwards we went to South Lake Tahoe and had awesome fajitas at a Mexican restaurant, which has become a California tradition.

Later that evening we drove to Phantom Spires and drank some beer and crashed. In the morning we climbed a 2-pitch 5.6 route and then a short climb called Shark's Tooth which has a 5.8 and 5.10a sides. Marius joined us, as he had to do something else in the area on saturday, and we told him where we'd be. The traffic on the drive back was a nightmare, but we stopped for some fajitas again, which made it bearable.

This was my last weekend in California, and the following wednesday I left for Canada with Dow, stopping at Smith Rock, OR on the way.

  Waking up at our dirtbag campsite. Photo by Rich Cannings the corner - the first pitch cevans at the base of the climb  

  The gang. Photo by Rich Parisa following on the second pitch smile!  

  Chris and Sophia, with me leading closely behind. Photo by Rich Myself on the 5.8 variation, photo by Rich Sophia climbing, with me in the background on the 5.8 variation. Photo by Rich  

  Parisa on the 5.8 variation Tough look Parisa cranking  

  oops! Sunset at South Lake Tahoe, photo by Rich the next day, Phantom Spires  

  rich and the climb we did in the background rich belaying cevans and sophia  



  nearing the summit A steep rappel  

  A steep rappel the pointy summit  

  Marius enters the house! cevans climbing the shark's tooth  

  success! the mexican place marius took us to was closed! bummer! we found another.. Marius' steed and Lola on the right  

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