Taylor Lake, Banff
September 12-13 2004

Hiked in from highway 1 in late afternoon, total time 1.5 hours. Woke up to amazing blue skies and warm weather, hiked out to highway 93 (Boom Lake parking lot) in 3-4 hours and got snowed on towards the end, reminding us winter is almost here.



  Taylor lake, Consolation pass  


  waterfalls at the end of the lake  


  Mt Bell  

  small glacier  

  yummy rice + chicken the dragon the wimp  

  morning light pasta for breakfast  

  so good to be here pretty  

  drying tent  


  hiking to highway 93 O'Brien lake  

  Mt Bell from the other side  


  fresh snow on Mt Bell  

  the trail is fun  

  Castle Mountain  




  Castle Mountain  


  Stanley (?) peak on the other side of highway 93