Turbine Canyon, Three Isle Lake May 30-June 1 2005

May 30 - parking lot to Turbine Canyon valley (2km from campground)
May 31 - back to Forks campground and Three Isle Lake
June 1 - hike out from Three Isle to parking lot

  packed up, ready to go!  






  avalanche paths  

  on the way up Turbine - uwe and henning uwe, henning, beck  


  met up with bob!  

  putting on snowshoes  

  funky tree shot  




  ryan on the other side of the pass on the other side of the pass  

  martin in the snow  

  view towards Haig glacier and Mt Jelicoe  


  the gang  





  me suntanning  



  tent shot jsg  




  food time  





  on the way back to Forks  


  heading up to Three Isle Lake  

  amazingly little snow in the beginning  

  here I got very stuck in the waist-deep snow  

  free, 15 minutes later obviously not the trail  

  do not try this at home Three Isle Lake  


  MSR human fuel bottle  


  morning weather  

  leaving the Forks