Mt Tyrwhitt + Mt Pocatera, August 15 2004

Started off as a foggy overcast day in Calgary, cleared up as soon as I drove into the mountains and stayed beautiful for most of the day, when a thunderstorm rolled in and lightning spectacularly struck the neighbouring mountains. There was a haze throughout the day that prevented clear pictures, but you can still see the beauty of the surrounding area. This is one of the most beautiful areas I've ever visited.

Tyrwhitt is relatively easy and popular, if you're looking for a longer challenge with amazing views along, Pocatera is an awesome extension. I found only a dozen entries in the summit log from the 1970s, so it sees very few ascents, maybe because of the exposed ridge you have to scramble. This will be a trip I will repeat!


  Mt Tyrwhitt, window (rock arch) can be seen closer view of window  

  Pocatera on right Going towards Grizzly col there were pieces of coal all over the place  



  steep going This is the window/rock arch, I could not get a better shot this is from the summit  

  Mt Pocatera and the fun exposed ridge leading to it. Kananaskis Lakes  

  Elk Lakes, Joffre behind  


  Met Murray on the summit, his camera batteries had died Pocatera, Kananaskis Lakes on left  

  Close up of Elk Lakes, very hazy  

  On the way to Pocatera, looking back on Tyrwhitt I've got a long ways to go!  


  One of the harder steps on the ridge It looks a lot scarier on the picture  

  This mountain goat came to the summit, and got scared away.  It literally jumped from where I was to there, causing massive rockfall  

  Running across Now it's safe to watch me. I can't get enough of this...  

  Beautiful... This is Elbow lake  

  Looking back on Tyrwhitt - I had to go all the way back through there  

  There is a thunderstorm coming...  

  Fun climbing!  

  Almost hiked out... sinkhole  

  panoramic 1 panoramic 2 panoramic 3  

  panoramic 4 panoramic 5 panoramic 6  

  panoramic 7 panoramic 8 panoramic 9  

  panoramic 10 panoramic 11 panoramic 12  

  panoramic 13