California various 2006
summer 2006

Various climbing, etc. shots from the summer spent in California that are not in the other albums.

  Rich and Sophia on Hermaphrodite flake me posing  

  Sophia posing  

  me on the boltway, photo by rich  




  portrait photo Sophia took of me P mtn biking me posing with Dave's 29  

  Saratoga gap  

  cranking on a hot day climbing with El Cap above  

  Dave topping out on West Country Dave with Tenaya Lake  

  summit shot! cooling off in Tenaya Lake  

  Stately Pleasure Dome, crowded... hiking towards Matthes Crest  

  storms around us the beginning of Matthes Crest  





  Cathedral Peak Sparky and Dave playing  

  Sparky chewing Hello!  

  nice sights driving into Tuolumne, photo by Dave me on West Country (5.7), photo by Dave  




  the taste of the beer explains the facial expression  


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