Venezia (Venice) 2005
October 30-November 7, 2005

OpenBSD ports mini-hackathon (v2k5), and OpenCON conference on the Venice island of San Servolo, less than 10 minutes by boat from the main tourist centre. Totally wild atmosphere and an amazing time altogether...

Check out dolomites pictures as well.

  cool stuff in Frankfurt airport walking around  


  flying over the Alps  

  Alps Alps  



  Fabio's machine room chilling at Vega  

  Bernd mbalmer  

  Alberto packed vaporetto  

  calm Venice at night.  

  view outside my window on San Servolo another Venice island... San Lazarro? getting machines up  

  something about this view feels cool. San Servolo island  


  The sleeping rooms' building  


  niallo and cathcart mbalmer, bernd, alek  

  main tourist Venice  


  vaporetto about to dock  

  Venice 'street' with gondola  

  traffic rules are 'interesting' in the canals  

  San Marco S. Marco S. Marco  


  S. Marco, lots of pigeons  

  insanity on S. Marco  



  Canal Grande gondola  

  Canal Grande the dryer  


  Venice ambulance red light... no kidding  




  San Marco  

  San Marco San Marco Venice sunset  

  back to the island wine bottle knife-opening techniques practice  

  uwe : bottle = 1 : 0  

  catching mbalmer by surprise  

  huge grasshoppers with big teeth  

  the rooms are quite nice.  

  is this what they feed us? hmm.. San Servolo on arrival from the vaporetto  

  Venice streets Venice streets  


  the hacking room henning's shoe  

  nadine about to enjoy her pizza amazing pizza... kick-ass wine too  


  water taxi  



  going at least 5 times the speed limit :)  

  feels like a movie, where are the speedboats chasing us? party time  

  wim and nadine well... no comment  



  amusing ourselves at BEFeD  


  about to leave the island  

  leaving the island, racing a cruiser ship San Servolo, ciao  

  we have won the race  


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