Yosemite Valley 2006
May 20-21, 2006

Drove out late on friday night, then saturday climbed Pine Line (5.7) and top-roped some 5.10d slab which was "interesting". In the afternoon we went and did the 3-pitch Munginella (5.6) which is in a gorgeous setting with Half Dome behind you, and Yosemite Falls on the right. Very cool climb.

On sunday it rained so we just scoped out different climbing areas to familiarize ourselves with the area. Then we hung out with the other guys who were practicing some aid climbing, and a bear came to check us out! It was very funny and provided us entertainment for a while. After that we drove back and the storm was getting stronger.

  Yosemite Falls El Capitan is the skyline on the left El Cap  

  2 parties climbing where we climbed (right at the base)  

  great action shot, climbing Pine Line view across the valley  

  Leaning Tower on the right w/ Bridal (?) falls El Cap from another angle  

  Upper Yosemite Falls traffic jam - we're walking since it's faster meadows  

  Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls hiking up to Munginella (3p, 5.6) Half Dome  

  funky coloured tree the end of the 60-meter first pitch (we did it in two) the second pitch (left) with Upper Yosemite falls visible. spectacular belay spot!  

  looking down from the top Rob battling the steep part of the last pitch  

  almost there! Half Dome sunset  

  descent trail - we had to rappel shortly Yosemite Falls again (upper and lower) some 5.7 climb at Church Bowl  

  dudes practicing aid climbing in the rain we hiked around in the rain bear :) (unfortunately it was dark and all my shots were blurry)  

  she is walking away but we followed her  

  here she is about to hop onto the tree after we growled at her whoah that was fast!  

  she found a comfy spot misha is fixing a busted bolt the only dry spot to do some (aid) climbing  

  misha aiding up about to pull onto the wet part! 'After Six', what we planned to do if it wasn't raining...  

  nice gir^W coke machine!  

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