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    Random things:

    I have a lot of computers, many of which are different architectures, all of them of course running OpenBSD. This allows me to test software compatibility and find bugs. Here is a list of some of the machines I have:

  • i386: Intel Pentium 4 1.4GHz, AMD Athlon 2600+
  • amd64: Athlon64 3200+/Asus K8V
  • macppc: (none at the moment)
  • alpha: AlphaPC 164 (432 MHz)
  • sparc: ss20 w/ hypersparc 150MHz, two others as well
  • sparc64: ultra5 (270MHz), blade100 (500MHz)
  • vax: VAXstation 4000/90, pretty fast
  • hppa: B180L+
  • hp300: HP 9000/385 (25MHz)
  • cats: simtec SA-110 development board
  • sgi: SGI Onyx2 (R5000/180MHz)

    Here is a picture of them (if you want to see the mess before I put them on the rack, check this picture).