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    Photo of me leading on Carlsberg, taken by Steve Larson, and Polar Circus (thanks Hedd-wyn)

    Some other webpages: live-the-vision, Will Gadd's site, avalanche conditions, Eric and Lucie's climbs

    Below are some of the climbs I've done. The quality is based on a 5 star maximum and is merely my opinion.

    Area/Peak Route Picture Rating Stars Date Comments
    Waiparous Hydrophobia 150m V, WI 5+ ***** December 30, 2007 Ice climbs don't get any better than this.
    South Ghost Wicked Wanda WI 4++ *** December 28, 2007 Fun 1-pitch climb close to Calgary. Can be in very difficult and spooky condition at the top.
    North Ghost The Sorcerer 210m IV, WI 5 ***** December 25, 2007 One of the best climbs in the Ghost. The climbing is never too desperate but challenging enough, and the setting is spectacular!
    Malamute Valley Fang & Fist 150m V, WI 5 **** December 22, 2007 Remote climb in a beautiful setting. Three vertical pillars connected by easier ice.
    Field Carlsberg Column III 60m WI 5 **** March 18, 2007 The classic WI 5 in the area, quite a pleasant climb! Exposed 3rd class approach/descent.
    Kananaskis Whiteman Falls IV 95m WI 6 ***** March 17, 2007 A brilliant climb in a spectacular location. The first pitch presents interesting and technical climbing on wild mushrooms, and the second pitch is just stupendously hard - dead vertical.
    Icefields Parkway Polar Circus V 700m WI 5 ***** March 7, 2007 One of Canada's premier and most sought-after ice climbs, and for a reason! Amazing climb, but check the avalanche conditions.
    South Ghost Weathering Heights III 100m WI 4 **** February 16, 2007 For some reason I love Planter's Valley. This climb is really nice and presents varied climbing. Two pitches get you up high with nice views, and a remote feeling.
    Kananaskis A Bridge Too Far IV 300m WI 4+ ***** February 14, 2007 The guidebook calls it a "true one pitch wonder" and indeed the first pitch is the real deal. A lot of people bail here, but we climbed a few more steps of ice further up.
    Banff (Sunshine) Bourgeau Right-Hand IV 310m WI 4 R **** January 31, 2007 One of the longest climbs around, 2 pitches of great WI 4 followed by more steps of ice with snow slopes in-between. 310 meters of climbing and over 1000 meters of total elevation gain make for a very alpine feel to it. Old crappy anchors.
    Kananaskis Kidd Falls IV, 60 m WI 4 *** January 27, 2007 Pretty cool climb, in a spectacular setting. Only go when the snow conditions are good! Do it in 2 pitches, because with 60 meters you can't reach the station at the top. We simulclimbed close to 15 meters to reach it.
    South Ghost Green Angel 60m III, WI 4 **** January 24, 2007 A very nice climb. If it was longer it would definitely be a lot more famous! Worth doing though. Very warm day and perfect ice conditions. One pitch of sustained ice.
    North Ghost GBU WI 4-5 *** Jan 1 and Jan 18 2007 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly present several climbing options. The left line (the Good) is a nice WI 4 and exactly 30 meters to the top of the steep section, which makes it a nice top-rope and practice place. Close to Calgary, so nice for a short day. The middle and right hand sides can present difficult climbing.
    Field, BC Guinness Gully WI 4 **** December 29, 2006 Very nice climbing, frigid -23 C when we did it.
    South Ghost Peanut Gallery WI 4 *** December 26, 2006 Long approach, but away from the crowds.
    Bow Valley Grotto Falls, His/Hers WI 3, 4 *** 2005-2006 Some of the closest ice to Calgary.
    Kananaskis Moonlight 110m III, WI 4 **** December 23, 2006 Evan Thomas has a few nice climbs, Moonlight is one of them.
    South Ghost Sunshine WI 3 ** December 20, 2006 Cool little climb with a short approach, but just one pitch.
    South Ghost The Joker WI 3 *** November 21 Very nice area with lots of options. First climb of the season for me so it was nice to get up to speed.
    Waiporous Hydrophobia 150m V, WI 5+ ***** March 20, 2006 Simply stunning climb in a spectacular remote location.
    Banff Professor Falls 280m III, WI 4 ***** February 21, 2006 Excellent climb... several pitches of nice climbing. A classic!
    Banff Louise Falls WI 4+ **** March 6, 2006 Very short approach makes for a very popular place. The crux pillar can be hard for WI 4.
    Banff Tokumm Pole WI 5+ *** February 12, 2006 Sweet place to run laps for a workout. Located in the beautiful Marble Canyon.
    Banff Cascade 300m III, WI 3 **** February 9, 2006 A classic waterfall right next to Banff. Pretty easy but some objective danger.
    South Ghost Malignant Mushroom WI 5 ***** February 1, 2006 Nice climb with a very short approach - definitely recommended.
    North Ghost Valley of the Birds (The Eagle, Yellow Bird) WI 5, 4 **** January 18, 2006 A canyon which contains various climbs. The Eagle is the hardest, a challenging WI 5. We climbed Yellow Bird as well.